“Do you have a phone?”


“Does it have a SIM?”

*Wondering whether I am being insulted or not… Like, what? You think that I go around carrying a toy phone or something?* 

Um, yeah…

“Can I get your number, then?”

If the guy saying this had not looked so (and, I hate to admit this) cute and innocent while saying it, I am sure that I would have probably given him a tight-lipped smile and a look. So, instead, I laughed. Certainly caught me off-guard! From where do guys get such lines, anyway?

More than a year has passed since this incident, but looking back, it gets me every time. How hilarious!

Isn’t it true, though? We tend to remember those who stand out. Placements, interviews, admissions. First impressions. Meeting new people. Catching them off-guard is one way to go. Making them take a step back and go, “Wait, what?” all in good humor, though. What makes our brains so keen on picking up these anomalies? It’s interesting how our minds work. In the prosaicness of life, it seems to be unexpectedness that we seek.


What’s your take?

Who came to your mind when you read this?

What has made them stand out?


What's your take?

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