“Tapping incessantly on the bathroom door, thinking that you are annoying the person who is inside and then coming to know that the door was open all along, realizing that you wasted two minutes feeling proud of yourself for no reason.”

~ ShethP



Has that ever happened to you?


My mom loves annoying me like that, and undoubtedly, I relish doing the same to her, too.

When she tells me that I am such a kid, with the brain of a two-year-old, I reply saying that I can’t help it – it’s in my genes. We take so many digs at each other that Dad often looks at us with a frustrated, pleading look saying, “Don’t fight all the time.”


And, I snicker.


You call this fighting? I give my mom a look. She looks back with a shake of her head, her eyes laughing but her lips in a thin line, as she pretends to agree with Dad. “See?” I tell Dad, “She’s laughing!” Mom suddenly averts her gaze, as if going about minding her own business, while denying the accusal, “What? Does it look like I’m even smiling?” And, she gives a laugh. “See?! Look! She’s laughing!” I point out, once again.

And, most of the time, it is precisely at this moment that Dad gives up and gets up, “You both only decide what’s going on. I’m out of this.”

I roll my eyes at the drama and give an annoyed half-laugh. When will Dad understand? I go over to Mom as she still pretends to mind her own business, and give her a light slap on the shoulder. She pretends to be rustled, as she clicks her tongue and laughs, still pretending to be annoyed with me.




There are times when I cannot wait to live a life on my own.

There are times when my mother probably wishes that I be gone.

But, we both jokingly (and, even reluctantly) acknowledge that we will miss each other when the time does come for me to go off to university.


What’s your take?


8 thoughts on “Mom

  1. I think it’s sheer bliss, the funfilled relation beyond mere love that you share with your mom. Keep it that way. Distance when creeps in, can really change the way things are. Don’t let that happen.

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  2. Most parents would love to share that kind of bond with their teenage/older kids. You’re truly blessed and it’s great that you relish it even in this age 🙂 Most of us realise it only after we part from our parents.

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    • That means a lot. 🙂 I don’t know how it is with other kids, but you are right – I shall cherish this bond. You just made me realize that what I have been blessed with is truly special. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. ❤


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