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When My Heart Yearns

There are days Days like these When my heart yearns Yearns for the life that once was Yearns for the freedom The carefreeness, the understanding That a country unnamed gave Gave to its inhabitants Without discriminating Without saying, “She must be from another country.” There are days Days like these When my heart yearns Yearns… Continue reading When My Heart Yearns

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It’s been a while…

Well, well, well. Whaddya know? It’s been three years since I began this blog and my, has it been a whirlwind of a journey! Though I haven’t enjoyed every minute of it, I appreciate it all and can only be too glad to have had the joy of sharing certain moments from my life, certain random… Continue reading It’s been a while…

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Fleeting Bliss

You know how it feels? That time just before the rain comes… You can almost sense it… The cool breeze, a sky that’s so blanketed with clouds that you can’t make out whether it’s the sky you’re looking at or the clouds, the carefreeness that makes you wonder what the heck you’re doing at home,… Continue reading Fleeting Bliss

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It’s not just blue.

Mom: “It’s blue with white stripes. Kind of light blue. I thought you’d like it since you like blue.” Me: “Ok! Great, then. Buy it!” When she comes home later and I find that the blue she’s referring to is more of a  periwinkle, it reminds me how it was Crayola which taught me to differentiate among… Continue reading It’s not just blue.

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Are you a picky shopper?

My words always seem to get back at me. But, in a good way. Today, I got a bit riled up and  frustrated and then I just had to come over over to share my feelings and let it out. And as soon as I typed in my blog’s url, there it was. My last post, on letting go and being… Continue reading Are you a picky shopper?

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Let go and be happy. :)

When you feel that you’re empathizing with someone, turns out later that they’re judging you, maybe even using you as a shoulder to cry on.  When you nod your head and say you agree, that she should have been treated better, you put yourself at risk of being called “unforgiving.” Just when  you think you have… Continue reading Let go and be happy. :)